Xtract® products are a perfect combination of Science meets nature… Advanced patented ingredients with a holistic approach for removing ink and toxins from the cells, delivering the safest and most effective method for removing ink .

Xtract® is the only method that can remove ink allergies”. Xtract® is a non-laser Holistic ink removal technology, that removes Ink, toxins and and scar tissue through its patent pending INK Chelation Technology™. Xtract® also uses Patented Zinc Finger Technology for the after care to speed healing and repair the DNA of the cells.

What makes Xtract™ Different?

Not Just Saline

Not just saline… This is Science. Xtract® activation serum containts only 10% saline or less.

Safe for all Skin Types

Xtract® is safe for people of all ethnicities and on all areas of the body including the delicate eye area

Removes All Ink Colours

Xtract® removes all colours of ink, including carbon black and stubborn titanium dioxide

Removes Allergic Reactions

Xtract® is the only method to safely remove ink allergens through its ink chelation technology.

Non Laser

Removes ink safer and faster than laser; 1-6 treatments compared to 10-20 by laser

Low Scar Potential

Utilises patented Zinc Finger Technology to aid in DNA repair.


Works holistically with the cells of the body to remove ink and toxins

All Purpose System

Soft enough for delicate pmu removal but strong enough to remove body tattoos.

Revolutionary Technology

The only removal method to tick all the boxes

How is Training Structured

Xtract® training is broken down into two stages. You can begin the first step as quickly as today as it involves an online course study accompanied by an end of course exam.

Xtract™ Certification Course:



The online education course is a prerequisite to the practical training and should be completed at least 2 weeks prior to practical training commencing.



Our practical Xtract Removal training course is an intense, hands on class which is taught over 2 days and takes into account technician experience.



To ensure the integrity of the Xtract® removal system we offer lifetime support  in many forms to ensure technicians are kept up to date with new protocols.
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