Yes, Xtract® is very different from the average saline tattoo removal product.
Xtract® removal is a 3-part process. Xtract® activation serum does contain Himalayan Saline, however unlike standard saline removal, works synergistically with our other active ingredients to break apart toxins and heavy metals and also plays a role in our Ink Chelation Technology™. Our Xtract® Activation Serum also utilises 1,3 Beta Glucan to stimulate the macrophage cells to release tattoo ink. It does this by tricking the body into thinking there is a yeast invasion in the worked area. Not only does this let the stagnant macrophage cells release the ink, but it triggers more macrophage cells to come to the area and remove the ink. Xtract®Withdrawal mask traps the ink at the surface of the skin removing 50% more ink than just the serum alone. It contains over 74 natural occurring minerals exhilarating the healing process and reducing localised inflammation by increasing local oxygen. It utilises Ink Chelation Technology™ to draw heavy metals, toxins and allergens to the surface of the skin through a binding of positive and negative ions. Xtract® DNA Repair Serum contains patented Zinc Finger Technology which activates the body’s natural remodeling process. It utilises AC-11 which is clinically proven to improve DNA repair by 33%.

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